Enock Jandry was born 19 August 1986 is English Speaking Tour Guide and Tour Operator.
After working in one tour and travel company and being freelance with several tour companies for 04 years as a tour guide. Enock has launched his own tour company and from the very first moment he stated his career in tourism industry he had never stopped having great reviews and recommendations on the TripAdvisor network. Enock took part in the tourism ministry exam in 2018 and he won the third list of the best out of 40 candidates in Fianarantsoa.He has already been working in Food & beverage; hospitality and catering industries as QHSE SUPERVISOR.

    • 2016 till present National Tour Guide
    • 2015 Hygiene supervisor in Abu Dhabi Dubai
    • 2012 to 2015 HSE Supervisor at NEWREST Madagascar
    • 2009 to 2012 QHSE supervisor at catering International & service CIS

EnockJandry or Enock is a man who was born in the northeast of Madagascar which means from the green area!
He grew up in the rural area and son of middle class life style parents.
Enock is an ambitious man and enthusiast; since he was at school he used to be always the number one and when he finished his high school he left his native town and moved to a bigger city where he continued his university study. But unfortunately he had to leave university when he terminated 2 years with field he followed at the UNI due to a financial issue and starting working as QHSE/HSE OFFICER and ENGLISH TRANSLATOR to the biggest mining company of Madagascar which dwells in the city where he moved for a better education and which has become his town at the moment.
Enock is a family man, he got married and he has one cute young boy. He support his family, his mum since the absence of his father and some of his siblings morally and financially he likes helping the others.
Enock has character of helping people, kind, friendly and honest.
His hobbies are:

  1. Sport
  2. Music
  3. Swimming
  4. Reading and learnining

Active responsibilities general company management

  • Team managment
  • Hotels and transfer sreservation managment
  • Quotationmanagment
  • Guidingmanagment
  • Guiding