Tsingy de Bemaraha National park

Tsingy de Bemaraha national park is located near the western coast of Madagascar in Melaky Region. 200 kilometers from Morondava the national park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.This massif is in Manambolo river which comes from the plateau having an attractive character. It has a strong limestone with different caves and attractive canyon decorated by Manambolo river. The massif is an attractive relief can be found somewhere in the western side of Madagascar,covered by large and dry big forest around.The limestone offers the most attractive natural view in the world, then it is decorated by savannas. A variety of natural habitats is offered by the karstik massif of Bemaraha just like high forest, bushy xerophityc vegetation . Lemurs usually stay in the forest, as well as the other existing animals .The truth is that, the dwellers are almost the tribe of Sakalava who respect their own taboo due to their unchangeable tradition. A quite dry tropical climate is seen around the park symbolized by the 2 different seasons,remarkably rainy from November to April and a hot season from May to October.To have an access to the park we have different ways,presently,it is available from May to November depending on the access of the bad road matching Morondava and Bekopaka.


the tsingy is divided into different sections but the most common and most visited are the great tsingy which is located 17 kilometers and 1 hour drive from the village of Bekopaka and the small tsingy which is located at the entrance of the village of  Bekopaka near the Manambolo river. If you have only 1 day for this national park then the best way to enjoy it is to do the great tsingy in the morning and the small tsingy in the afternoon. The great tsingy is one of the most amazing places on earth it is combination of limestone rock forest and tropical forest which has different species of lemurs like the common brown lemur l sportive lemur and the deken sifaka which you can spot during your diurnal visit. The great tsingy has different species of mammals like fosa and ring-tailed mongoose  and sometimes you can have lunch with them during your picnic lunch in the park. During your visit you can spot different species of birds and reptiles as well like chameleons and iguanas. You are going to climb the limestone rock and walk in between caves and see stalagmite and stalactite  and cross the popular suspended  bridge.

Small tsingy...This gorgeous place is made to be visited in the afternoon why because it has less forest more rocky so it nice to visit it in the afternoon as the sun is less strong to burn when you reach here during your afternoon visit. The small tsingy has a lot of imagination shapes like a cathedral door l windows  of the house l butterfly and few view points where you can see far way the tsingy entire. The small tsingy has some species of reptiles like iguanas and different species of birds as well like the Madagascar harrier hawk l parrots l Madagascar green chest bee eater l sun birds and a lot more. The sunset in the village nearby on the river of Manambolo could be one the great feelings you may have as additional during your visit to the Tsingy de Bemaraha National park.


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