Spicy watercress bread (Mofo sakay)

If there is one place that personifies street food, it is Madagascar. Malagasy mofo sakay or spicy bread is one of those street foods which we can found in the large of madagascar street.

They can be made with all sorts of items mixed in with the batter to create any types of mofo,if you just used greens with chili it would be called mofo sakay which means chili bread .To prepare it, mix the flour with  yeast, curry, saffron, chili and salt ,in a bowl. Mince the tomatoes and chop the watercress and chives . Add the watercress and chives to the bowl and mix well. In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, brown your dough balls in an oil bath.When it's have taken a nice golden color, and they will be well fried ... it is necessary to call them mofo sakay, and take them out of their bath, drain them, and serve them hot, plain or accompanied salad.


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