Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie or Nosy Boraha  is an island of paradise  which is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Saint Marie is known to be one the most popular tourist destinations in Madagascar. One of the activities which makes this island super popular is the whale festival as well as whale watching as it easy to see them over here on the season of whales. And not only the  island is super popular with whales but it has paradise beaches around him as well. Over here the scenery and nature as almost completed  as you can observe lemurs l waterfall  l sea birds and a lot of fishes and which made  the island to be one of the best destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling in Madagascar. Sainte Marie is very clean town and safe and calm area where is good to spend a holiday with family as well as solo travelers.

Bora Dive & Research is a diving and diving center oceanographic research located in Sainte-Marie Island, Madagascar. In this center, you can obtain your PADI certificates by taking on-site diving courses or by e-Learning. As an oceanographic research center, Bora Dive & Research works in
collaboration with Universities and research and environmental protection organizations that can come to carry out field missions. Also discover diving by initiation in swimming pool, baptism of diving in swimming pool or at sea ...


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