Romazava is  one the traditional dishes of Madagascar it is base on meat and herbs mostly bred mafana (anamalao ) The meat used for romazava is usually zebu  but it can also be prepared with chicken or fish fresh fish or dried ones. Romazava is accompanied by white rice which is unsalted and steamed with chili and mango pickles. Romazava has a specific taste given by the flowers of bred mafana which consists of a slightly pungent sensation and close to a slight anesthesia of the tongue and palate. The more the preparation contains bred mafana flowers, the stronger the feeling.

The recipes are usually not served in the restaurants but if you  wish to taste it we know where to take you. How to cook and prepare the romazava then?

get the clean fresh bred mafana keep the leaves and flower tips cut the meat into large cubes. chop  the meats then add the sliced tomato and onion also garlic  and pounded clove with a handful of coarse salt and peppercorns. Pour one or two liters of water into the pot depending on the amount of broth you want and cook briskly. After a good hour, add the bred and cook over low heat for another 30 min.


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