Ranomafana National park

Welcome to Madagascar and welcome to Ranomafana National park


Welcome to Madagascar and welcome to Ranomafana National park

Ranomafana is a National Park which  located in  Haute Matsiatra and Vatovavy-Fitovinany and which is one the most amazing parks through the RN7 in the southeastern part of Madagascar. Ranomafana national park has more than 41,600 hectares of tropical rain forest and  it is home to several rare lemurs and plant species. The park was established in 1991 with the purpose of conserving the unique biodiversity of the local ecosystem and reducing the human pressures on the protected area. It is part of the World Heritage Site Rain forests of the Atsinanana. Adjacent to the park is the Center ValBio research station established in 2003 and managed by Stony Brook University with a focus on biodiversity research, community health and education, environmental arts as well as reforestation.





Night walk:
Few kilometers before Ranomana you will start to feel the difference and beauty of its forest with waterfall and bird's sounds. Tonight then you have the chance to enjoy seeing the night active lemurs l chameleons l nice colors frogs.

Diurnal visit:
During your day walk you will enjoy the beauty of this Godly amazing rain forest its fauna & flora like following lemurs golden bamboo lemur l greater bamboo lemur l black and white ruffed lemur l Milne-Edwards sifaka l and over 130 species of frogs and 75 species of birds like the Pitta like ground rollers l blue vangas l short-legged ground rollers l brown mesites and a lot more can be spotted over here.

The hot spring pool which is located just near the village could be a nice place for you to spend your afternoon after enjoying the nature.
The village offers a nice opportunity to have a walk as it is located just near to your hotel, visiting the village will give you better understanding of how people live their lives and learn their custom as well as culture and their every lives.

If you are searching for an amazing feeling it is guaranteed that you will find it over here.



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