Nosy Tanikely Nosy be

Nosy Tanikely is a protected marine reserve  which is found in Nosy-be are in the north of Madagascar precisely Nosy Tanikely is located 10km south of Nosy Be. It's one of the best snorkeling sites in Nosy-be area, with its coral, numerous fish and sea turtles. Snorkeling is best in the morning, before the wind picks up. the park opens at  08 am and it is the best time to arrive there but earlier is also fine.

Here there are some group of lemurs common brown lemurs  and some chameleon the lighthouse on top on top of the island  offers magnificent 360-degree views. It is possible also to combine the island with Nosy komba tour, in the morning you enjoy wildlife and snorkeling at Nosy Tanikely and in the afternoon in Nosy komba to see more wildlife like chameleon l lemurs l tortoises and enjoy sun bath by the paradise beach of Nosy koba.

Now heading to the island of lemurs ( nosy komba ) which is  rising off the ocean floor midway between Ambanja the mainland  of Madagascar and Nosy Be  island which will be your first island which really amazing when you travel from the mainland precisely from Ambaja or Diego suarez. Nosy komba has the highest altitude of Nosy be area with its  622 meters altitude means it is higher than Nosy be city . Nosy komba is divided into smaller villages the lemurs park which handles one of the main reason of a visit  to this beautiful villages as the park has different species of lemurs not as the one you saw in Tanikely island which is called black lemur or macaco  lemurs and some chameleon as well as tortoise. The village is also famous with its painting crafts and amazing beaches which is  good for sun bathing and snorkeling also scuba diving.


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