Nosy Sakatia

Discover Nosy sakatia with the fauna and flora of the most authentic island of Nosy be surrounding islands. Go on a hike to all corners of the island to see the fishing villages, fields of coffee, vanilla and orchids, which makes the island very famous, or try to look a lemur in the forest.
All tours long,our guide will tell you about the island’s rites and customs to uncover all of its secrets and beauty.

the small island of Nosy Sakatia, 6 km by 2 km, is nicknamed "the orchid island" for its beautiful concentration of wild orchids which make the place famous. Varied, the islet stretches from sandy beaches, rice fields and plantations to fishing villages, and is streaked with paths where it is not uncommon to come across chameleons and lemurs. The place is rich in several diving spots and it has one of the most beautiful sea grass beds in this part of Madagascar where to observe several species of sea turtles.


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