Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja is one of the most amazing beaches in Nosy be area, if you are looking for an island paradise where to enjoy the sun and the sea snorkeling even diving you will find here your happiness! Nosy Iranja is two paradisaical islets  which linked together you can reach here approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by boat from the main island of Nosy Be, in the south-west direction. You may think that the journey is too long, but the wait is worth it! In the middle of the vastness of the ocean in a small fast boat, you might have the feeling of regretting the trip, but once there, you will want to stay there as long as possible! Nosy Iranja will appear before your eyes like a mirage! Two small islands covered with greenery, linked together by a strip of fine white sand of about one kilometer, a lagoon with translucent waters ranging from turquoise to celadon green, a long and splendid beach .. The island is home to a fishing village that will make you feel like in heaven thanks to a seafood buffet. The smallest island (Nosy Iranja Kely) is private and is made up of a fishing village and a private cove dominated by a hotel.

Dreamlike landscapes and activities
Inland, it's great to stroll on the beach, take a dip and head out to meet the villagers. While passing by the strip of land which connects the two islets, it is however necessary to pay attention to the high tide which comes to submerge everything. Each photo you take is a postcard created! We don't expect it, but the island even has a lighthouse. In the lush little tropical forest, you can observe some lemurs that seem to occupy all of Madagascar, even the most isolated and distant corners. They like the mango trees which offer delicious fruit. Whatever you decide to do or visit on this little piece of land in the middle of the ocean, it will be extraordinary! You will feel like you are setting foot in a dream. Nosy Iranja, nicknamed as turtle island, is famous for its marine fauna! You will have the chance to go see the turtles on Nosy Iranja Kely and observe different birds (terns, herons and sea eagles). You can also indulge in various nautical pleasures! Windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing and snorkeling of course....The water is transparent and allows you to clearly admire parrot fish, tuna, barracuda, swordfish, manta rays, sardines, mackerel, sharks and dolphins. Between July and October, hundreds of humpback whales also come here. Between October and December, it's the turn of whale sharks, completely harmless!


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