Nosy hara Marine park

Nosy hara Marine and Terrestrial National Park  was created in 2012 it rice in marine fauna with  400 marine species .Which  is dwells  in the North West of Madagascar, precisely attached to the Diana region in the province of Diego Suarez and off the Currier Bay This smal island is known to be a paradisiac . The island has an area of 125. 471 hectares, of which 122.827 hectares are for plot 1 which includes Courier Bay and the Nosy Hara archipelago, 1. 437 hectares for plot 2 which includes Nosy Faty and 628 hectares for plot 3 which features Nosy Agnabo.

The island holds the most extraordinary seascapes of the world. The Currier bay is the  main starting point for visiting the Nosy hara national park as well as for various activities such as diving and sport fishing and snorkeling. But apart from the beautiful beach the national park offers, the bay itself is also wildly beautiful for nature lovers. You can easily observe Tsingy formations around the beach. And it is possible to observe baobabs, In the middle, however, the island offers a very pretty beach where it is possible to bivouac as well.

The island has plentiful of nautical and terrestrial activities which you can do  and will offer you an amazing feeling. of course diving l snorkeling l rock climbing are one of those. And this destination is really good for those who are searching for a calm area where is away from crowded place as it is super calm area where you feel to be on your own, it is also possible to see  the birth of sea turtles on the borders of the  island when you are at the season.


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