Nosy be Madagascar

Nosy Be is one most amazing places and easy to reach in Madagascar, you can reach here by plane or by road Nosy be in Malagasy means (Big island) Nosy = island and Be = large or big it is coastal island of Madagascar which is found in the Mozambique Channel, near the northwest coast of Madagascar. The beautiful island is also called Ambariobe  and Nosy mangitra  by the local language which means perfumed Island by the inhabitants of the region. Among the 3 bays in Diego Suarez and île aux nattes in Sainte-Marie Island,  Nosy be is one of the three  best destinations in the northern  and eastern part of Madagascar. The island has different site seeing activities like the Mont passot spectacular area l nosy tanikely l Nosy iranja l Nosy Komba l Andilana beach l Lokobe national park.When you come to Nosy be you can combine the following sites to your visit:
Mont passot l Andilana beach l Nosy sakatia l Nosy tanikely l Nosy komba l Nosy Iranja during your stay.

 Mont passot

Mount Passot also known as the Malagasy name of Bongo Pisa is a volcanic hill in the center of the island of Nosy Be. It was named in honor of Captain Pierre Passot, of the French Navy who annexed the island of Nosy Be to France in 1841. The altitude of Mount Passot is 326 meters. This is the place where you can enjoy sunset and see almost the entire island of Nosy be, it is exists as well some group of lemurs here over.

Nosy Iranja

The amazing Nosy Iranja, located in the southwest of Nosy Be, consists of two different islands one is larger which is inhabited fisher men which is called Nosy Iranja be (Big Iranja island ) as it is bigger than other one about 2 sq km and tiny Nosy Iranja Kely (little Iranja island) as it is smaller than other one 0.13 sq km. The islands are connected by a 1.5 km-long sand bar, negotiable on foot at low tide. Sea turtles regularly lay eggs over here on the beaches and sometimes can be seen when you do snorkeling in the beautiful sea of the island. Nosy Iranja is a popular sailing day trip from Nosy Be. The excursion generally includes snorkeling, swimming and a good lunch on board the boat. The island is one of the super popular destinations in Nosy be area.


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