Mango and lemon pickle

Mango or lemon pickle is a Malagasy diet based on mangoes or lime. This product is made in the northwestern part of the Island precisely Nosy-Be, Diego and Mahajanga. The pickles are made to accompany meals almost everywhere in Madagascar we have it with herb-based broth romazava

Ingredient & Preparation

As ingredient as raw materiel is green fresh mangoes l Onions l Lemons l Green onion l Ginger l Salt l Vinegar

How to prepare the pickles, get the mangoes and wash them sufficiently l Peel the mangoes l Grate the mangoes l Extract  the lemon  to have its juice l Macerate the mangoes in the lemon juice l Chop the green onions very finely l slice the onions into thin strips l Pound the ginger l Place the mangoes in a bowl l Add salt l Mix well l Put all the ingredients in an bottle then let macerate.



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