Mananara Nord National Park

Mananara-Nord National Park is located in the region of Analanjiro in the northeastern park the island of Madagascar it found in the Indian Ocean and was created in 1989. Since 1990, the national park has been admitted  as a Mananara-North biosphere reserve by UNESCO. This amazing protected area is the first integrated conservation and development project in Madagascar for purpose of conservation of biological and cultural diversity socio-economic development and research monitoring and education.

Fauna and flora

On land the  park has 77 species of birds l 13 species of lemurs l 17 species of rodents l 7 species of freshwater fish l 1,200 species of vascular plants. Mananara-North protected area records the largest number of micro-mammal species in the Eastern park of Madagascar in the sea or marine the park park has 132 species of corals l 64 species of molluscs l 16 species of arthropods l 34 species of echinoderms l 179 species of fish l 2 species of turtles l and 2 species of mammals. The local fauna is mainly represented by the presence of lemurs, including the famous Aye-aye which is endemic to the region, which was thought to have disappeared. Of the 136 species of fauna, the rate of endemic is estimated at 94 %5.

The endemic wildlife species

Indri-indri or Babakoto in the local language  the largest living lemurs of Madagascar l avahi l propithecus diadimed sifaka l daubentaunia madagascariensis eye-eye l Red vanga l flaco newtoni lcoracopsis nigra or parrot l Mousse lemur microcebus rufus l Mantela pulchra.



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