Isalo National park

Isalo National Park is one of the protected areas in Madagascr and has been declared  to be a national park in 19991. It is national park which located near the village of Ranohira which means lemur's water by the Bara local tribe dialect and who is one of the 18 tribes of Madagascar. The national park protects part of a homonymous mountain range. It is made of Jurassic sandstone, stretching for almost a hundred kilometers in the north-south direction, and notched with deep canyons and bristling with peaks. Isalo National Park has an area of between 81,000 and 85,000 hectares, The erosion of the rock has carved a ruiniform relief varying from 820 to 1,240 m above sea level with deep canyons, rivers, and abundant rocky vegetation. The park is also the domain of the ring-tailed lemurs and other lemurs lemurs species like the verox sifaka.

What are the activities which are doable in the park?

What common activities which most people do over here are : hiking combined with wildlife-watching but you can also go on mountain-biking camping and horse riding in the wide open savanna in the surrounding area. when you start your happy day in the morning  by getting ready to enjoy the park and its nature with our expert tour guide and local guides by having your camera and bottle of water as well as sun-scream and all dresses which are good for the weather according to the briefing  you got from our tour guide  the day before your visit and once you ready then you are going to drive few kilometers to reach the park. This amazing park offers different imaginations of  sandstone rock formation which are sculptured by the erosion and rain drops and good chance to spot two of the three diurnal lemur species: ring-tailed lemur and Verreaux's sifaka. The  best chance of spotting them is at 8:30am at few distance from the park entrance otherwise at 11am during your picnic lunch time at the park  and 3pm when you back from your dream swim to the black natural pool.

The beauty of the RN7 and its landscape.


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