Emerald sea Diego suarez

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with the miles of white sand that border it and its turquoise waters. Of a supernatural beauty due to the shallow depth of the water and a sandy bottom, the Emerald Sea is an exceptional site. It is a heavenly place located an hour from Ramena or Diégo-Suarez, in the northern part of Madagascar. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Big Island allowing to carry out a multitude of nautical and land activities with family or friends. We can cite, among others, diving, "snorkeling", surfs, kit surfs and windsurfs as well as many dhow or sailboat cruises.

Accessible by boat. It is a site of supernatural beauty thanks to its crystal clear turquoise blue waters. The shallow depth of the water added to a very clear sandy bottom gives it this special color. This is what earned it its name "the Emerald Sea". It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with the miles of white sand that borders it and its turquoise water. Accessible by boat, you will not fail to stop sleeping under the stars on the small virgin islands which extend around, according to the promoters. In addition, both domestic and foreign tourists will have the opportunity to visit traditional fishing villages. And apart from nautical activities, they can also make more cultural visits to colonial fortifications and to the former military camp now in ruins in Antsiranana or Diégo-Suarez. It is also the largest city in northern Madagascar, teeming with more incredible landscapes. Ramena Beach is the most glaring proof of this. Extraordinary discovery. In addition, there are many other sites with magnificent landscapes to admire such as the red "tsingy" made up of sharp points in ocher colors. An extraordinary and surprising discovery through the mountains is not to be outdone. Eroded canyons made of stone, marl and limestone, we will find at their foot the only sedimentary basin of the island, proof of the fragile balance which reigns there. Born under the sea millions of years ago, the Ankarana nature reserve also promises you a spectacle of landscapes more incredible than the others. Species unique in the world have evolved there, adapting to the sometimes very dry climate and the darkness that reigns in the bottom of the "tsingy" cavities. We can cite, among others, bats, lemurs and crocodiles. That's not all ! The wealth of the Diégo-Suarez region offers many other possible excursions.


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