cassava leaves (Ravitoto)

Ravitoto is a typical Malagasy traditional food which is made out of cassava leaves precisely sweet cassava leaves.. The leaves has to be pounded with garlic and ginger in a wooden mortar or meat grinder. In the high land the capital of Madagascar it is usually cooked with fatty pork while in the coast more with coconut milk as not everybody eats pork in the coast but ravittoto is really delicious so then they cook it with coconut milk as a replacement of pork. It is also possible to cook it with shrimps l crabs and fatty zebu meat which is also really yummy if you come to Madagascar you are invited to wetness its deliciousness.



For those who lives in the village they just go and pick up the leaves from their fields but for those who lives in the city then they have to buy the leaves at the market it is also possible to buy the pounded ravitoto as the market for those who doesn't want spend much time with its preparation but it is always better to prepare it yourself as you don't know how it was prepared as you won't be able to wash it once you got it.


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