Belo-sur-mer Madagascar

Belo sur Mer is found 80 km  south of  the district of Morondava in the region of Menabe. The village is quite popular for its builders of traditional sailing boats and amazing beach it s small coastal village vezo among the 18 tribes of Madagascar along the canal of Mozambique.

Belo-sur-mer is the best beach destination around Morondava are it is a place which will make you feel so far away from home, relaxing on the restaurant of dauphin vezo in evening after your evening sunset on the boat sailing. The village, located on the edge of a lagoon which is appearing and mangrove forest.
One of the activities which you can do over here are boat sailing l Mangrove safari l snorkeling beaches nearby there aren't so many fishes but you can see when you are lucky but swimming is the most interesting part.


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