Ankazoberavina marine park

Ankazoberavina, in general  in Malagasy means ( the large leaves tree) it is the name of this small island  which is 14 hectares of surface found in the bay of
Nosy Be area. Ankazoberavina has its transparent waters and very rich in fish where is very good for snorkeling and scuba diving as you will have the chance to enjoy seeing a lot of fishes and many marine fauna. The island has its sacred places, which has to be respected, a large black rock found by the beach as it is an ancestral tombs.

Ankazoberavina is an exceptional island where is located in the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel, within a small archipelago classified as a protected marine area. Here there are many dolphins, sharks and tuna as well as multiple varieties of colorful fishes live in its transparent waters and made this amazing small island to be one the best snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in Madagascar. The island is surrounded by a coral reef of immense beauty and ecosystem which is very rich on earth. On the island we can observe terrestrial fauna as well like lemurs l chameleons l sea turtles l local and migratory birds and the Madagascar fishing eagle. Whale watching activity is also possible when you are here in the season of whale. Lemurs are also can be found over as there are group of lemurs the black lemur ( macac0 lemurs) which you combine with excursion.


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