île aux nattes Sainte-Marie

Ile aux Nattes is an island which is found in the Island of Sainte-Marie an island which is located in north of Toamasina the capital economic of Madagascar  the island is measured 3 km north to south and 2.5 km  east to west and town of 1500 inhabitant. Ile aux natte is one of the best beaches found in Madagascar, it is a place to relax before the end of your adventure. Ile aux nattes is a  little  Eden with its amazing vegetation rivals
of beauty with the crystal clear waters of lagoon.

The charm of the island of circular shape is easily to be traversed thanks to paths which follow the coast and sometimes touring inside its grounds also feasible and you  can then discover small villages made at the same time people are very kind and welcoming they will approach you to sell some handicrafts, fruits and spices as cinnamon l cloves l pepper as well as some essential oils  of ravintsara and niaouli. Around the villages, some rice fields gives a most bucolic aspect to landscapes which, in the background, are occupied by beautiful coconut trees.

Whale Safari

Each year from the mid month  of June to the end of September the humpback whales travel from the cold water of Antarctica to find themselves in Sainte Marie Island. whale watching is then feasible during these period you will see then the whales playing with their kids sometimes and jumping really high amazingly.

Antanandava waterfall l Mangrove safari

The waterfall is  located 10 km from the center of Sainte-Marie and easy to access you can use quad or motor bike as well as your private car to react it. It is a peaceful place and really nice to relax and to swim in. You can also discover  the mangrove excursion which is combined with the visit of the pirate cemetery and the church of Ambodifotatra.


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