Foulpointe is located 60 km from Tamatave, Foulpointe also called as Mahavelona by the local language is undoubtedly the most popular seaside resort on the eastern coast of Madagascar. And that is the reason why is considered to be the best holiday destination which has everything to please you. It offers a variety of accommodation in all types.

Visit of the Manda fort

During your stay to Foulpointe you can visit the Madaa fort a historic building erected during the time of King Radama I. In addition to its historical and strategic interest, the originality of this wall resides in all points in the materials which were used for its design. Indeed, it is composed of coral powder and stones which have been linked with large egg white reinforcement.

                Canoe trip on the coral reef  & To play golf

You will have the opportunity to discover the richness of the marine fauna and flora in the coral reef thanks to the ride aboard an authentic canoe. All the boatmen around the beach offer this service. It will be a golden opportunity to observe sea urchins, sea snakes, coral fish, etc.
Foulpointe certainly offers a fertile ground for the practice of this prestigious sport, golf. A golf club has recently been set up in the area, offering visitors the opportunity to play golf on a fairly large course.

40 km north of is, Mahambo a village well representative of the Betsimisaraka tribe with its huts roofs of dried traveler's palm  leaves (ravinala)  hidden at the bottom of a bay bordered by dense forests, and nearby is a very beautiful lagoon. These place foulpointe and Mahambo worth to spend 1 or 2 before you head to Sainte-Marie.


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