Ambatomilo is located 125 km north of the city of Toliara. Populated by the Vezo and Mikéa, Ambatomilo is renowned for its affectionate welcome and for the hospitality of its people. You will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Vezo culture and discover its history while enjoying a magnificent coastal landscape rich in nautical activities. There are many  places are wonderful  in southwestern or Madagascar  and Ambatomilo is one among them and even considered to be  one of the most authentic beaches in Madagascar.
Ambatomilo is considered to be still  virgin and unknown area where nature and modesty dominate permanently.But one thing for sure is that when you get to here,  you fall in love with this Godly amazing wild natural beach. Ambatomilo is a purely heavenly place which gives access to an unique blue lagoon. White sandy and turquoise sea border . The sea borders the edge of the Mozambique Channel since Ambatomilo is located in the western part of Madagascar.

What makes the charm of this village?
The village of Ambatomilo is an idyllic village, full of tranquility and serenity. The majority of Malagasy people do not yet know this area with the exception of those who are from the south. Due to this lack of information about the resort, Ambatomilo remains a wild and unknown place. Mass tourism has not yet arrived here and even the Malagasy are less likely to have visited it. This is what makes Ambatomilo so charming. Nature lives in complete freedom and the modesty of the few villagers is the village's asset. The fishermen are the most numerous there, besides the quiet corners to recover. According to specialists who have already made a small jump in Ambatomilo, this beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. You can observe its seabed rich in marine flora and fauna. Beyond the beaches, coral reefs and thorny forest are also the strengths of Ambatomilo.


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